What if China and the U.S. merged into one country?

By Kent R. Kroeger (April 7, 2018)

My new favorite social media site is Quora.com, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users. Its a more lighthearted and socially interactive version of Ask.com.

For me, the site’s enjoyment quotient is significantly higher than anything gained these days from using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, which have more in common with viper pits than social forums.

A recent question posted on Quora.com offers an example of this site’s potential for relieving our daily stresses.

The question came from an anonymous Quora.com member: What if China joined America?

Questions on Quora.com don’t have to be plausible, which is half the fun. Its similar to an analytic technique used in the U.S. intelligence community called the ‘High-Impact/Low-Probability Analysis’ which highlights a seemingly unlikely event that would have major policy consequences if it happened.

Of course, no serious person is suggesting a China-U.S. merger is even remotely possible. Nonetheless, many of the answers to the question were priceless, and one in particular made my day.

His name is Zhantu Zhang, and he offered this insight on the merger of China and the U.S. (I have edited some of his answers for the purpose of clarity):



Writes Zhantu Zhang:

This new country’s name will be decided by the people. It would be named “China.”

And about guns, I think it will ban them on the first day of our new country.

Well, I think its good news for someone that hates school shootings.

But bad news, because every student will need to learn Chinese in school, of course.

Good news, New York and San Francisco will get 400 km/h high speed trains and it will be finished in only 3 years.

This “China” should be monster in the UN. All the small countries will totally not need to said anything. Just need to listen to “ChinAmerica.”

South China Sea? Of course belong to us (“ChinAmerica”).

“ChinAmerica”’s military cost is larger than the rest of the world. We need to cut it down.

Our Secretary of Defense will find our country has 4 kinds of stealth fighters: F22, F35, J20,J31. That is too much.

Rocket man: “Dad, I will never touch these Nuclear toys.” …..Ummm, no more North Korea problems.

Putin? He will keep silent for many hours and then send the message “Congratulations, Dad.”

Iran? Our good kids.

Well, this world sounds not bad.


At a time when U.S.-Chinese relations are strained by talks of a trade war and the tensions inherent in the (hopefully) upcoming meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Zhang’s Quora.com post was a pleasant relief.

So rarely anymore do I find social media posts or conversations interesting, funny or surprising. Its all angry, partisan noise and it is mind numbing. Not only is the U.S. losing its dominant economic status to China, it may be losing its sense of humor too.

Thank you Zhantu Zhang for breaking through all of that unfunny social media chatter and providing me with a real laugh.


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I am a survey and statistical consultant with over 30 -years experience measuring and analyzing public opinion (You can contact me at: kroeger98@yahoo.com)

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