Tucker Carlson’s separation from Fox News is a big loss for progressives

Kent Kroeger
5 min readApr 26

By Kent R. Kroeger (April 26, 2023)

Tucker Carlson — Caricature (Created by DonkeyHotey, adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Gage Skidmore’s Flickr photostream)

There are theories abound as to why Tucker Carlson separated from Fox News.

Most speculation orbits around Dominion Voting Systems’ $790 million settlement with Fox News, a legal dispute in which Carlson’s emails criticizing the network’s obsessive coverage of Donald Trump’s vote stealing claim effectively undercut Fox News’ case.

Carlson was a traitor to Fox News is the claim.

Another theory is that an impending ‘hostile workplace’ lawsuit against Fox News by a former Carlson show booker, Abby Grossberg, prompted Carlson’s dismissal. But it would be bigger news story to me if a prominent cable news host hadn’t created a hostile work environment.

Finally, one theory posits that Carlson’s exit centered on Fox News’ legal exposure arising from Carlson’s steady claim that former Oath Keepers member, Ray Epps, was an FBI informant who actively prodded January 6th protestors to violate the law and storm the U.S. Capitol.

The mainstream media claims it has debunked the ‘Epps worked for the FBI’ argument; though, after watching Epps’ 60 Minutes interview, I find it hard to believe anyone changed their mind one way or the other from that appearance as to whether he was an FBI informant. He wasn’t testifying under oath, so he could have been lying to 60 Minutes without legal consequences per any agreement he may have signed with the government. On the other hand, it is entirely possible he got caught up in the January 6th spectacle and promoted protestors storming the Capitol, only to have second thoughts as he saw the ugliness of it as it actually came to happen.

Indisputable is the fact that the FBI did infiltrate the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers (trial testimony proves this) in the pursuit of cases against the January 6th protestors. That is the nut of the dispute. Did the FBI not only infiltrate these groups, but did their informants exhort January 6th protestors to commit illegal acts?

What made Epps the target of Carlson’s ‘FBI informant’ speculation is that he is on video urging protestors to storm the Capitol (so passionately, in fact, that some of the protestors openly called him an ‘FBI…

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