“The Force Awakens” did the most damage to the Star Wars brand, not the “The Last Jedi”

By Kent R. Kroeger (May 13, 2020)

501st Legion at Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2007 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London (Photo by Dutch Outpost 1; Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)

Where did Disney go wrong with their Star Wars trilogy?

A minor dispute among Star Wars fans has developed over when and how the world’s most lucrative science fiction movie franchise started its slide. Was it by Rian Johnson’s canon-mocking The Last Jedi? Was it J. J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens? Was it the last movie in the trilogy — The Rise of Skywalker — that placed the Star Wars franchise on life support? Or did the Lucas-produced prequels deliver the decisive blow long before Disney acquired the franchise?

Fear not Star Wars fans. The franchise is wounded, not dead.

If I seem pessimistic about the future of Star Wars, let me share two reasons why Star Wars fans should remain optimistic: (1) Other popular culture franchises have survived mediocre middle acts, and (2) the world still thinks and writes about Star Wars more than any other science fiction movie franchise.

Source: Wikipedia
Graph by Kent R. Kroeger (NuQum.com)

I am a survey and statistical consultant with over 30 -years experience measuring and analyzing public opinion (You can contact me at: kroeger98@yahoo.com)

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