One fine mess: Economic theory, national debt, regime change wars and the corporate news media


Freedom and limited government are strongly associated with economic growth

Trump has jettisoned the GOP’s ‘small government’ narrative

“The great conservative narrative of American decline-a formidable Puritan jeremiad with all the trimmings-routed the Democrats, who promised only more efficient government and more expansive benefits. Conservatives smeared national health insurance as another big-government, something-for-nothing program aimed at the wrong people-the poor, the failed, and the lazy. Republicans soon converted the backlash into a “Contract with America” and seized control of government by winning the House, the Senate, both legislative chambers in eleven new states, and-over three years-fifteen new governors’ offices. Conservatives have been tightening their grip on power ever since.”

Source: St. Louis Federal Reserve

Democrats and Republicans have colluded to make the American economy a permanent war economy

Source: Gallup

Six companies control 90% of U.S. media

Charles the II of Spain and the Habsburg Jaw

APPENDIX: Linear Model Predicting 5-year GDP growth rates for 154 countries (2013–2017)



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