Note to DNC Chair Tom Perez: The Progressives aren’t going away

By Kent R. Kroeger (Source:, April 16, 2018)

U.S. House Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

Today’s Democratic Party is hard to definer Tom Perez.

The establishment wing of the Democratic Party, led by Obama and Clinton acolytes and funded by the Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Big Pharma donor class, is on a poorly-disguised mission to excise the Bernie Sanders-inspired progressives from the party.

The Democrats are in a quiet civil war.

When in October 2017 the DNC chair Tom Perez quietly purged many progressive apostates from its ranks (i.e., Sen. Sanders and Rep. Keith Ellison supporters), Gabbard called Perez out:


“The most pitiful thing in the world is a mob”

Democrats would be well-served to reacquaint themselves with Mark Twain who wrote in Huckleberry Finn about the practical limitations of mobs.

Women’s March rally, New York, USA — 20 Jan 2018 (Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich).

Will the Super Delegates be around in the future to fight off the progressives?

If purging Berniecrats from the party leadership wasn’t enough, Perez and the DNC have yet to rollback, much less eliminate, the undemocratic super-delegate system that has been so crucial to the anointment of the party’s past presidential nominees.

“Name-calling accomplishes nothing…lets focus on policy”

Gabbard’s distance from Democratic Party’s mainstream couldn’t have been more evident than during Trump’s “shithole” controversy when congressional Democrats were lining up on the cable news networks to call Donald Trump ‘a racist.’


Is #TheResistance a misdirection move by the corporatist Democrats?

Magicians use misdirection to draw the audience’s eyes away from the trick that is actually going on.

#TheResistance brings in the money, but will it unify the Democrats?

As small donor money rolls into the anti-Trump movement and to other grassroots Democratic organizations — though not to the DNC whose fundraising continues to lag seriously behind the Republican National Committee’s totals — Perez supervises the party’s progressive purge.

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